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last updated: 2000.04.13
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I am working on the "next generation" asMail. The development proceeds quite slowly as I don't have that much time these days - but it is proceeding.

The new version will include all of the following features:

  • Swallowable by the gnome-panel (done)
  • Point 'n click configuration
  • Fluent animation at all times (done)

A few words to the new version:

I've been receiving many e-mails from people wanting me to make asMail swallowable by the gnome panel. This is - in general - a good idea. But as I never wrote one line of code concerning the X11 stuff in asmail 0.5x this meant that I had to learn how to write X-Applets. I started with looking at the way Per Linden (one of the former authors of asmail) did it with asMail 0.5x and got to the conclusion that I don't want to do it the same way.

The result is a completely rewritten application, basing on the GTK library. So if you want to use asMail 0.6x (and higher), you probably need GTK. The Library is used for the configuration dialog and a few other things besides the Gnome-Panel support, so there probably won't be a version that does not need it. I cannot promise anything now because the non-GTK version is not startet yet.

As the whole applet has to be rewritten it will take some time until a final version will be released. Some features of asMail 0.5x (those which I don't use and don't think that anyone really misses them) will not be included any more. If you don't like that or want one specific feature to be included drop me a few lines.

If you can't wait and want to use the latest development release so that you get a good looking biff for your panel you'll get it at the download section - but no guarantees for a working applet :o)

I'll start with the non-GTK version (for the afterstep wharf) after the GTK-version is somewhat ready to release. If you don't need the panel version stay with asmail 0.5x, it works fine (at least for me ;-))

Features which I am going to implement into one of the next versions:

  • Timestamp-mode: This feature should make asMail indicate only if you've got mail in the last few minutes
  • Names of mailboxes in applet window
  • "Scrollbuttons" to view the contents of each single mailbox
  • Different time intervals for the mailboxes
  • Some kind of "check if I am online" - function before contacting remote servers
  • Launch of application when the applet is clicked, perhaps different applications for different mailboxes
  • Encrypted passwords in .asmailrc