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last updated: 2000.04.13
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Bugs and Fixes


Bugs below this point are fixed in asmail-0.56

Maildir: asMail seems to have trouble with standard maildir files. Stasinos Konstantopoulos sent me a patch which should fix that. However, I have not testet it yet properly so don't expect too much. You can download it at the download page.

Bugs below this point are fixed in asmail-0.55

isblank(): The latest versions (up to asmail-0.54) include a library call that prevents asmail from compiling on platforms other than Linux. If your platform gives you some errors about a nonexistant isblank() function append the following lines to the bottom of asmail.c:

int isblank(char c) {
  return ((c == ' ')||(c == '\t'));

That will give you a warning message at compile time but should work.
Alternatively you can search and replace the string 'isblank' with 'isspace' (not including the quotes). It should occur twice.
The problem is that the function isblank() is a GNU extension to the standard C library and as such not present on non-GNU platforms. I should be more careful with reading the manpages next time ;-)

Case sensitive IMAP folders: Doug Alcorn from Cincinnati told me that the IMAP server coming with RedHat 6.0 (perhaps wu-imap) has problems with asmail as it converts the folder names of IMAP boxes to upper case. If you have troubles with this do the following: search the pop() - function in pop.h and comment out the for() loop that the toupper() - call is in. Recompile, reinstall and go.

Trouble with MS-POP-Servers: As any good GNU software should do, asmail seems not to work with some Microsoft Servers. The problem is that the POP-Protocol expects MS-style line-termination at every line passed. If you have this problem you have to make sure that every transmitted line terminates with '\r\n' (not including the quotes). Perhaps the socklib-files can help you to reduce your work.

This solution has not been tested.


Uncleaned FIFO: When closed by the windowmanager, asRadio does not clean up with its used FIFOS (and perhaps some other ressources). Perhaps this will be fixed in the next release - if there will be one.