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last updated: 2000.05.13
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2000-05-13 asmail-0.56 rpm file available


Emmanuel Jeandel has created to rpm packages for asmail, which are available from the sourceforge download page or the asmail download page.


2000-04-17 asmail-0.56 debian package available


Fredrik Hallenberg, the debian package maintainer of asmail created a .deb file from asmail-0.56. It is available at the download page now.


2000-04-13 asmail-0.56 released


This release is a collection of bugfixes and patches. The most important one is the patch for maildir support applied to the sourcecode. And... asmail should be compatible with MS-Servers now - but I don't know if this really should be considered as a bugfix... :o)


2000-03-18 frameless homepage


A new design - again. But this time it is for your own convenience only - I have removed the frames so that the page should be displayed on any browser correctly. I guess the lynx friends will like that :o)


2000-02-26 bugfix for maildir


Thanks to Stasinos Konstantopoulos because he sent me a patch for asmail 0.55.

This should fix the problems some people reported when using asmail with mail-files, other than remote mailboxes. You can download it at the download page.